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Fullarton offers a diverse product portfolio, with over 10 brands shipping 20 products across 8 countries- backed by a team of young & experienced professionals alike, with in-depth knowledge of the latest product trends coupled with proven experience in terms of taste and quality.

Contemporary Indian Spirits

Woodburns Whisky

An award winning blend of 3 Indian malts, Woodburns marked Fullarton Distilleries' entry into the Indian market in 2019.
A full-bodied whisky that offers a bold, smoky front, balanced by a well-rounded peated malt finish, Woodburns has won awards on 3 continents.
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Small Batch Gin

 Pumori is a craft gin that was birthed as an amalgamation of 12  rich botanicals sourced from the bountiful landscapes of the Indian subcontinent. It derives its name from Mt. Pumori, a panoramic eminence in the Himalayan range.
A truly small batch gin, crafted by hand with an incredible eye for detail, each batch of Pumori measures only 200 litres.

Segredo Aldeia

Portuguese for ‘Secret Village’, Segredo Aldeia is the retelling of a rum fabled to be a part of the world’s most valuable treasure.
Segredo Aldeia is available in 2 variants- a white rum & a cafe rum
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